Blog: Live an Inspired Life in the Space you Love

Welcome to Westcott Designs. I am so glad that you are here. This has been a long time coming. You could say that I have been working on this product line for the past 30 years or so. Perhaps even longer. It began with a rather unusual childhood. My family moved every three months. It was the same circuit each year. Minnetonka, MN every spring and fall. Jackson Hole, WY every winter (yes, I am a good skier) and every summer on a Lake outside of Brainerd, MN (the movie Fargo was filmed there and people really do talk like that). It is difficult to explain why we did this. I don’t really know exactly. What I do know is that every time we moved, I could not go to sleep until my room was unpacked, set up and everything was in its place. Amid all of the upheaval it relaxed me. It soothed me and made me feel like I had some physical ground in my life even though my world and reference points were continually shifting. After leaving home and going to college, my need to create space did not change. Every time I moved to a new room, I would begin imagining how I wanted it to look and feel. I was studying social work, but I was obsessed with imagining and creating space. Lofts, rearrangements, organization, pretty things and so on.

After undergrad, my life took many twists and turns. 3 years as a ski bum (an entirely perfect choice), graduate school for psychology, working as a psyche evaluator in the ER, teaching graduate students, establishing a private practice for therapy clients, 10 years of studying Ikebana (Japanese flower arranging), creating large stage installations for the likes of Deepak Chopra, painting with Joan Anderson who is a master teacher and philosopher, developing a furniture line, owning and selling many homes and finally having a child on my own at 40. That was my true turning point into the world of design.

Having a child was perhaps one of the most creative things I have ever done. I got really clear after my son was born. Having and loving a baby opens your heart in the most wonderful ways. It helped me realize that I really love all things home (if you want to know how to eat ridiculously over-the-top-healthy… I am your gal too). I love art, color, lines, materials, how things feel to the touch, how things make me feel, how things complement or clash. I love opening paint, mixing paint and applying paint whether it be on a canvas or a wall. I love to sit and imagine what things could be and then the process of making it so. I love seeing people respond to my work; seeing them respond in a way that settles them inside. I love collaboration and I love the moments when I create alone. How I live in and experience my home is a true source of inspiration for me. I look forward to the ways that I might help you feel that sense of delight, settling, or whatever it is you aim to experience so that you too might live an inspired life in the space you love.